ILS-INC is a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB).


International Logistics Systems, Inc. (ILS-INC) dedicates itself to contributing to the success of our customers by providing world-class logistics support and engineering services in a quality-focused, responsive, and cost-effective manner.

We take on many roles, both contractor and subcontractor, supporting our government, military, and commercial partners and clients. Here’s what those we impact are saying in their own words…

Set the Performance Bar High

I want to thank [ILS-INC] for the way they overcame every obstacle the government created [during PDM]. [ILS-INC] displayed the creativity and professionalism needed to give a near flawless performance. [ILS-INC] set the performance bar so high, the competitors will be hard put to even approach our mark.

Program Manager

General Dynamics Robotic Systems

Excellent Mission

The folks on the [ILS-INC] Training Team did an excellent mission, and it was good to meet such a motivated and knowledgeable group.

Lt. Colonel U.S. Army, Training

Know the System Inside and Out

[ILS-INC] did an exceptional job under very difficult circumstances. I have never worked with a team from another company that felt so much like it wasn’t another company. After watching them operate, I realized that they normally spend a great deal of time with their customer during development of the system to know it inside and out.

Program Manager, EG&G Technical Services

Appreciation of Soldiers in the Field

We begin missions [soon]. Let everyone know that all the [Soldiers] here really enjoyed [ILS-INC’s] class and have nothing but good things to say about [ILS-INC’s] time here.

SSG U.S. Army


[ILS-INC] was impressive and gave me a renewed respect for the contractors who support [our training and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) needs].

Lt. Colonel U.S. Army

Beyond the Call

Many thanks to [ILS-INC for supporting] testing. [ILS-INC] went above and beyond the call of duty

Program Manager, General Dynamics Robotic Systems

Bore the Brunt

I look forward to having another chance to deploy with [the Contractor Team]. [ILS-INC] bore the brunt of the day-to-day training, problem solving, and the frustrations of [working conditions] but continued to march regardless of the difficulties.

Lt. Colonel U.S. Army

Time and Expertise

Thanks to [ILS-INC] who not only provided operator training, system administration, and coaching support but also provided their time and expertise in assisting us in the communications architecture, software integration, and review of numerous documents to support test integration.

Principle, DFI Government Services

Acknowledged IETM Experts

The [ILS-INC support personnel] were all knowledgeable and professional. [ILS-INC personnel] providing support in the Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) area [were] acknowledged by Cummins and the PM-MEP [office] as experts in IETMs.

Program Manager, Cummins Power Generation Americas

Can Concentrate on the Customer

With [ILS-INC], I get all the benefits of an expert in-house resource without the burden of a large organic support group. I continually get comments from my customers that [ILS-INC’s] support and product are “the best they have ever seen.” With [ILS-INC] on the team, I can concentrate on the customer and product and be assured that the support aspects are well taken care of by [ILS-INC].

Program Manager, General Dynamics Robotic Systems

Foundation for Success

The cooperation and professionalism of [ILS-INC] was the foundation for the success of this [Logistics] Demonstration.

Program Manager, Advanced Design Corporation

Excellent Ratings

The Contractor and its Sum are exceptional in maintaining the system. [ILS-INC] personnel are well trained and familiar with the system. Their cooperation with the government team is above and beyond.

Contractor Review Comments from Program Manager-Force Protection Systems (PM-FPS) Program Office