ILS-INC is a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB).

Success Past, Present and Future

ILS-INC founder and president Walter Grinnell attributes the company’s success to the employees. “They all do an exceptional job. They are schedule oriented and have always performed and met requirements.” The company has a strong basis in teamwork. “Everybody helps everybody,” Grinnell proclaimed, and he feels this is a significant strength among the employees. Our Technical illustrator agrees. “Everyone works together, which is key,” he said. “A team who works together succeeds together.”

The ILS-INC team is not only successful but also proud of the company’s accomplishments, and employees are quick to boast about their work. “The Buffalo was in a movie,” our Technical Illustrator exclaimed. “It’s even a toy now. That’s cool. I actually sat in that thing when someone was driving it and got to see it built from the ground up.” Similarly, our Operations Manager said some of his most memorable experiences with the company were “being able to work with unmanned vehicles in the field and seeing how they can be utilized.”

This enthusiasm combined with ILS-INC’s past success is indicative of our future potential. Grinnell hopes to keep his original goals for the company thriving, to “continue to provide a good working atmosphere for employees and stability of employment” while delivering the high level of service our customers have come to expect.