When the COVID-19 pandemic first impacted our nation, ILS-INC responded quickly to maintain the services our customers needed while ensuring the personal safety of our clients and employees. We are currently operating under a hybrid business model and continue to evaluate our Infectious Disease Policy based on the latest guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of Health (PDH) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

At present, our masking policy reflects the current PDH and CDC guidance for fully vaccinated individuals only. Fully vaccinated employees are not required to wear a mask/face covering or physically distance while in the ILS-INC office. However, employees that are not fully vaccinated must continue wearing a mask/face covering and continue to physically distance while in the ILS-INC office until fully vaccinated or until the PDH lifts the mask/face covering mandate for unvaccinated individuals. Visitors must follow the same policy for admittance to ILS-INC facilities.

Our Infectious Disease Policy outlines additional proactive steps we are taking to protect the workplace while continuing to operate effectively. This policy is maintained in order to remain compliant with the guidance of the CDC, the Department of Health (DOH), and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. A copy of our Infectious Disease Policy is available upon request.

We remain committed to doing business throughout these unprecedented and challenging times. In March 2020, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced the closure of all non-essential businesses, which was in effect for ILS-INC until the phased reopening of York County in May 2020. ILS-INC quickly restructured how we conduct business by shifting to a work-from-home model, enabling us to continue meeting our customers’ needs while ensuring the safety of our employees and their families.

Since re-opening under a hybrid structure, with employees working from home or in office as needed, our efforts remain focused on providing a high level of service to our customers while prioritizing the safety of our employees. Under our new business model, we have realized the many benefits of telework, which we are able to pass on to our employees and clients alike. These include better availability and flexibility, lower travel expenses, fewer operating costs, reduced commuting time and expense, increased cyber security measures, and reduced environmental footprint.

We continue to evaluate the benefits of expanding our telecommuting capabilities with cutting-edge technology. Whether working in office or from home, we are regularly monitoring our email to ensure the best service to our clients, and we encourage email as the best point of contact as we navigate the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. We remain committed to following all guidelines to prevent the spread of infectious disease and keep our employees and customers safe.