ILS-INC has received a continuation work directive from the DCS Corporation to provide technical publication design and development services to the TARDEC Software Engineering Center (SEC) for the operators and troubleshooting technical manual (13&P) for the MRAP Integrated Backbone (formerly: Digital Backbone) Program of the Command & Control On-The-Move (C2OTM) Caiman Multi-Terrain Vehicle (CMTV).

The MRAP mission is supported by three categories of vehicle variants. The Category I variants support small unit combat operations in urban or confined areas, Category II variants provide ground logistics support operations, and Category III variants support mine- and Improvised Explosive Device (IED)- clearing operations.

The role and purpose of the Integrated Backbone is to combine various Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems into a cohesive and integrated solution. The Integrated Backbone adapts and tailors each MRAP vehicle to specific mission requirements and provides protected ground mobility while operating in a multi-threat environment. Functional capabilities of the MRAP Integrated Backbone suite include options for Situational Awareness, Surveillance, Communications, Survivability Defense, Protective Countermeasures, and Lethality.

The DCS Corporation is currently providing the Integrated Backbone capabilities on the Caiman, Caiman MTV (CMTV), MATV, MaxxPro DASH, MaxxPro PLUS, and RG-31 MRAP vehicles. ILS-INC is providing operator and field maintenance technical manual development for these same platforms.