ILS-INC is a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB).


ILS-INC has been a trusted government contractor since 1989 with a well-established track record in providing Engineering and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) services. Since our founding, ILS-INC has demonstrated the unique ability to tailor our management and operational approaches to respond to customer needs, thereby minimizing risks. Our effectiveness is based on our focus on the key elements of managing scope, cost, quality, personnel, and risk in any initiative. Our management team oversees the progress of programs, manages deliverables, supervises risk mitigation, provides up-to-date schedules, ensures quality, and monitors budgets. Our model is built upon the use of teams assigned to programs, and we place a high priority on organizing project teams to best capitalize on each teammate’s strengths. Our approach is carefully designed to achieve optimum results on-schedule and at the lowest possible price.

Engineering Management

At the onset of each program, a Program Manager (PM) is assigned to manage the cost, schedule, and performance of work. The PM acts as the single point of contact for all program-related activities. Ensuring future business and repeat customers can only be achieved when a customer can trust the quality of goods and services being provided. ILS-INC has a superior group in place to ensure the quality of our products.

Performance Support Management
Project Management
Quality Assurance Management
Services Engineering Management
Supportability Management
System Engineering Management

Program Management

Contracts Management
Integrated Logistics Management
Life-Cycle Management

Technology Management

Information Systems Management
Integration Management
Technology Management