In partnership with prime contractor Fidelity Technologies Corporation, ILS-INC has been awarded the role of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) subcontractor for the 3 kW Tactical Quiet Generator (TQG).

The 3 kW TQG is a portable unit capable of being mounted on a trailer for transportation. The generator set is designed to provide a quiet source of AC power.

Building on our prior experience with generators, ILS-INC is tasked with efforts relating to the new engine logistics updates Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) for the 3 kW TQG. Logistics deliverables are being updated to represent both of the fielded engine variants.

ILS-INC efforts include updating the existing, fielded Technical Manuals (TMs) to incorporate new engine information in compliance with current standards. This includes the -13&P generator set TM and the -23 and -24P engine TMs. ILS-INC is also responsible for new engine updates to the Provisioning Parts List (PPL), Engineering Data for Provisioning (EDFP), family tree changes, and Maintenance Allocation Chart (MAC).