ILS-INC personnel have successfully completed an 18-month deployment to Chabelley Airfield, Djibouti Horn of Africa in support of the Mobile Detection Assessment Response System (MDARS).

Serving as a subcontractor to ALION Science & Technology, ILS-INC provided Field Service Representatives (FSRs) in support of an operational assessment to evaluate the reliability, maintainability, utility, and required capabilities of MDARS in a real-world contingency operation.

Building on our previous support of programs in other OCONUS locations, ILS-INC conducted an initial site survey of Chabelley Airfield in preparation of deployment of the system.

The follow-on contract included the setup, operations, and maintenance of the MDARS, to include End Of Mission (EOM) tasks such as teardown, packing, and return to CONUS.

Personnel included one Site Supervisor, three Operators, and a Maintainer, with average shifts lasting 14 to 16 hours per day. The Operators operated the system and performed pre- and post-operations checks and services. The Maintainer performed daily maintenance tasks and reporting. The Site Supervisor performed both operations and maintainer supervision. The Site Supervisor was also responsible for daily, weekly, and monthly reports. Reporting included tracking all aspects of operation, including but not limited to operational hours, maintenance hours, repair parts and services, operational anomalies and forensic analysis of recorded video and Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)/Soldier interactions.