The newly redesigned website of ILS-INC goes live today. ILS-INC aims to extend the reach of all its Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and Engineering services to a new and expanded audience of clients.

“During its first 20 years of business, the primary marketing tool of ILS-INC was word-of-mouth networking,” states president and founder  Walter Grinnell. Through its networking relationships, ILS-INC has worked on such notable contracts as the Semi-Autonomous Robotic Technology Integration (SARTI), Mobile Detection Assessment Response System (MDARS), and Ground Standoff Minefield Detection System (GSTAMIDS). The company’s clientele includes both large and small firms such as Gichner Shelter Systems, Techgard, General Dynamics Robotics Systems (GDRS), EG&G Technical Services, Cummins Power Generation, Thales Communications, Oceaneering, L-3 Communications, Foster-Miller, and York International.

Said Grinnell, “While our customer base includes both small and large local, national, and international firms, we have been one of the best kept secrets in our industry. Until today a prospective client needed inside knowledge of our industry in order to understand what benefits we could offer. The new website features a seamless, top-down and bottom-up view of our services providing a clear picture of our experience and capabilities to current and prospective clients.”

The new website represents a collaboration of ILS-INC’s own staff of in-house experts supplemented by the Burnstone Group (, who provided business analysis consultation, and Affinigent (, who designed and implemented the site.