ILS-INC has been awarded a subcontract with prime contractor Critical Solutions International for the Husky M1231 effort.

The Husky was developed in the 1970s and has been upgraded throughout the ensuing years. The current effort is to update logistics documentation to reflect system upgrades.

ILS-INC is responsible for packaging updates and revisions to packaging data to include the development of logistics product data, updates and creation of Special Packaging Instructions (SPI), and updates to the Equipment Preservation Data Sheets (EPDS). ILS-INC will update existing packaging data for parts undergoing configuration changes as a result of approved Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs) and other activities.  Packaging data will also be developed for newly provisioned items.

The Husky M1231 is a landmine and Improvised Explosive Device (IED) detection vehicle offering optimum protection against blasts by diverting blast energy and fragmentation away from the vehicle and its occupants. The Husky M1231 is equipped with a variety of sensors suited for mine-clearing operations such as detection, identification, and destruction of IEDs.