ILS-INC submitted its final deliverables for the Lighting Kit, Motion Detector (LKMD), AN/GAR-2 project today ahead of the anticipated June 2009 Milestone C decision.  ILS-INC served as the supportability subcontractor to EG&G Technical Services (prime contractor) on the LKMD, AN/GAR-2 during the System Design and Development (SDD) and expanded SDD phases of the program.

The LKMD is a light-weight, man-portable, modular system providing perimeter security using infrared and millimeter-wave radar to monitor for motion in a targeted area. It can operate for up to 120 hours with 100 alarms on one set of AA batteries and is capable of monitoring alarms generated by the Battlefield Anti-Intrusion System (BAIS). The system consists of carrying cases, a Remote Control Module (RCM), a Motion Sensor Module (MSM), Light Modules (LM), and a collection of accessories. The program is managed out of the Program Manager – Force Protection System office with EG&G Technical Services – Albuquerque division serving as prime contractor.

ILS-INC served as the supportability subcontractor to EG&G and provided critical supportability elements to the program including the Safety Analysis Report (SAR); Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Durability (RAM-D) predictions; Level of Repair Analysis (LORA); System Support Package Components List (SSPCL); Logistics Demonstration Plan; Logistics Management Information (LMI) database; Operator and Field Maintenance Technical Manual (print and Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM) formats); Training Program Development and Management Plan; Training Support Package(TSP); and a Graphic Training Aid (GTA).

ILS-INC was awarded the original LKMD, AN/GAR-2 supportability subcontract for the SDD phase by prime contractor EG&G Technical Services in May 2005 and then the supportability subcontract for the expanded SDD phase in January 2008.