ILS-INC was awarded the supportability subcontract by FASCAN International, the prime contractor, for the Army’s Route Clearance Interrogation Arm Assembly (IAA) program.

This requirement supports the procurement of the IAA for the Army’s Route Clearance (RC) companies. The IAA is a vehicle-mounted, Fassi crane arm with a boom, camera, two-tine interrogator with an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) sensor used for digging and investigating suspected IEDs. The IAA provides standoff interrogation of suspected IEDs, which provides significant improvement in vehicle and personnel survivability from a possible IED detonation.

ILS-INC was originally awarded the Husky IAA subcontract in August of 2007 by FASCAN International, which was later modified in May of 2008 to include the RG31 IAA contract. ILS-INC responsibilities include Operator and Field Maintenance Manuals including a Repair Parts and Special Tools List (RPSTL), Installation Instructions, Provisioning, Screening, Engineering Data For Provisioning (EDFP), Maintenance Analysis, Packaging Data, Drawings, and Training Materials.