Quick Reference

ILS-INC is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).


International Logistics Systems, Inc. (ILS-INC) has been providing superior engineering and support services to the government since our founding in 1989.

Founder and president Walter Grinnell was the sole employee during the first two years of operation. Previously, Grinnell had served in the U.S. Army for over 21 years and worked for Martin Marietta and BMY (known today as BAE Land Systems); this experience leant him a superior background in logistics, which was essential for ILS-INC.

Grinnell’s goal was to “put together an organization that provided all the same quality services and on-time contract schedule deliveries at a lower cost than the larger companies.” He also wanted to provide employees with stability of employment unlike major corporations where employees are terminated at the end of a contract.

Grinnell was initially faced with a lot of negativity and doubt, saying he was “confronted with a lot of people telling me how it won’t work.” His driving force, however, was his belief that anything is possible. “There’s no obstacle presented to the company that we can’t overcome,” he remarked. “Anybody can say no. The easiest thing to do is say no. But maintain a positive attitude, and anything can be overcome.”

With Grinnell’s persistence, ILS-INC was awarded its first contract working on government naval systems for York International (now part of Johnson Controls). Grinnell credits York International’s A. L. Hershey for giving ILS-INC the opportunity to work with them. “We were very small,” he explained, but because of this contract, ILS-INC was able to become established in its industry. ILS-INC later worked with York International for various A/C plants for Navy ships for several years.