ILS-INC continues role as a First-tier subcontractor on Lighting Kit, Motion Detector (LKMD) systems.

ILS-INC was awarded a subcontract with URS Federal Technical Services Inc. (URS) to continue integrated logistics support for the production of the LKMD ground sensor for PdM-Force Protection Systems. 

The deliverables ILS-INC is responsible for updating from the system design and Low Rate Initial Production  (LRIP) phases of the LKMD program include:

  • System Technical Manuals (TMs)
  • Training Development, Management, and Conduct Packages
  • Provisioning Parts List (PPL)
  • Repair Parts and Special Tools List (RPSTL)
  • Maintenance Allocation Chart (MAC)
  • Level of Repair Analysis (LORA)
  • Safety Assessment Report (SAR)

ILS-INC has over a nine year business relationship with URS and will continue to perform the high quality, cost effective and on-time support that this and other prime contract partners have come to expect from our company.