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ILS-INC is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).

Corporate Overview

International Logistics Systems, Incorporated (ILS-INC) was established in March of 1989 in the state of Pennsylvania. From the beginning, the goal of the organization has been to provide professional and cost-effective engineering and logistics support services to a wide variety of commercial, government, and military clients. Our customer base represents a broad spectrum of disciplines and subject areas. ILS-INC has capitalized on the adaptability that a small business affords in servicing the diversified needs of our customers. Our facility is a 33,000 sq./ft. mix-use building comprised of professional space, warehousing, and manufacturing capacity.

Currently headquartered in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, ILS-INC maintains a dedicated and highly experienced workforce drawn from a variety of fields and specialties including military, defense, and commercial industries. In the past five years, the company has more than doubled in size and is still growing, continually hiring high-quality personnel.

Our manufacturing space boasts 27 foot high ceilings, a 7 1/2 ton overhead crane, and a 20′ x 20′ roll-up door for large equipment. This section of our facility enables us to provide systems integration, manufacturing, and refurbishment to meet our customers’ needs.


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To contribute to the success of our customers by providing world-class engineering and logistics support services in a quality-focused, responsive, and cost-effective manner.


International Logistics Systems, Inc. (ILS-INC) has been providing superior engineering and support services to the government since our founding in 1989.

Founder and president Walter Grinnell was the sole employee during the first two years of operation. Previously, Grinnell had served in the U.S. Army for over 21 years and worked for Martin Marietta and BMY (known today as BAE Land Systems); this experience leant him a superior background in logistics, which was essential for ILS-INC.

Grinnell’s goal was to “put together an organization that provided all the same quality services and on-time contract schedule deliveries at a lower cost than the larger companies.” He also wanted to provide employees with stability of employment unlike major corporations where employees are terminated at the end of a contract.

Grinnell was initially faced with a lot of negativity and doubt, saying he was “confronted with a lot of people telling me how it won’t work.” His driving force, however, was his belief that anything is possible. “There’s no obstacle presented to the company that we can’t overcome,” he remarked. “Anybody can say no. The easiest thing to do is say no. But maintain a positive attitude, and anything can be overcome.”

With Grinnell’s persistence, ILS-INC was awarded its first contract working on government naval systems for York International (now part of Johnson Controls). Grinnell credits York International’s A. L. Hershey for giving ILS-INC the opportunity to work with them. “We were very small,” he explained, but because of this contract, ILS-INC was able to become established in its industry. ILS-INC later worked with York International for various A/C plants for Navy ships for several years.


International Logistics Systems, Inc.’s (ILS-INC’s) first major milestone was its award of a contract from York International (now part of Johnson Controls) to provide Integrated Logistics upport (ILS) on a significant naval systems project. ILS-INC founder and president Walter Grinnell credits York International’s A. L. Hershey for this opportunity. “We were very small,” but because of this contract, ILS-INC was able to become established in its industry. ILS-INC later worked with York International for various A/C plants for Navy ships for several years.

From this initial success, ILS-INC continued to develop teaming relationships, working as subcontractor alongside Bob Pressley of EG&G Technical Services (now URS Corporation) and Scott Meyers, who was president of General Dynamics Robotic Systems (GDRS). These professional relationships continue. ILS-INC remains heavily involved with URS Corporation and GDRS and aggressively continues to expand its customer base. Jason Coon, operations manager at ILS-INC, said, “We’ve become diversified in who we work with as others find out who we are and what we do.”

“Our biggest marketing tool is our customers,” Grinnell said. Through its networking relationships, ILS-INC has worked on such notable contracts as the Semi-Autonomous Robotic Technology Integration (SARTI), Mobile Detection Assessment Response System (MDARS), and Ground Standoff Minefield Detection System (GSTAMIDS). ILS-INC has developed an exceptional reputation with its prime contractors as well as the Government Program Offices for providing quality products delivered on schedule for a low cost.

ILS-INC was the subcontractor to GDRS for the System Design and Development (SDD) phase of MDARS. ILS-INC was responsible for the technical documentation, training, and supportability engineering and further supported these aspects of MDARS throughout the Production phase. ILS-INC technical illustrator Ed Held said, “You can see how far that’s progressed.” MDARS was the first program he worked on at the company; some of his illustrations were the original for the program. ILS-INC continues to support MDARS Production vehicles for the Department od Energy (DOE) and anticipates continued involvement with any future similar programs.

In 2004, ILS-INC provided Outside Continental United States (OCONUS) training to soldiers for GSTAMIDS and Buffalo. The technical publications manager who supported the project described the experience as inspiring. “It was very rewarding to train in person overseas, to see our work put into application — into the soldiers’ hands.” The GSTAMIDS program manager who joined him said much the same. “We were sent to provide soldiers with equipment to help do their jobs and keep them safe. We helped to deliver, setup, train, and support initial operations. I believe a lot of our employees had a great sense of importance in our efforts and a great sense of pride in the work we provided to our troops when they really needed support.”

The training was well received. According to the technical publications manager, “The soldiers thought the equipment was worthwhile and applicable to what they were doing. They were happy with the technology that we brought over and found it extremely beneficial.” The experience also had a lasting impact on ILS-INC employees. After working with the soldiers directly, they have more respect for the job they do and the need for equipment we work on. The program manager remarked, “I have come to appreciate the job we provide to the government and, more importantly, to the soldier in the field. I was able to see the positive effects being made and the pride in our soldiers in the work they were doing. It gave me first-hand experience in the effects we as a company can have on so many lives that depend on us to provide the best support for them to safely understand, learn, maintain, and effectively utilize the equipment provided to them. Every day I look forward to working with our customers in meeting these challenges and improving support.”

ILS-INC’s direct soldier support efforts have since opened new doors for the company. ILS-INC was awarded a multi-million dollar subcontract for the Advanced Medium Mobile Power Sources (AMMPS) program. Dwight Cale, who was program manager for AMMPS, said the program brought ILS-INC a lot of growth. “It was an all-encompassing logistics effort,” he remarked.

More recently, ILS-INC secured a series of important projects operating out of the U.S. Army’s Tank-automotive Armaments Command (TACOM) and Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) providing various ILS for the Interrogator Arm Assembly (IAA), Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles, and construction equipment programs such as the Bituminous Material Paving Machine (BMPM). ILS-INC also secured contracts for the Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resource (BEAR) Power Unit (BPU), Entry Control Point Vehicle (ECPV) Joint Battlespace Command and Control System (JBC2S), and Linear Demolition Charge Systems (LDCS).

Success Past, Present and Future

International Logistics Systems, Inc. (ILS-INC) founder and pesident Walter Grinnell attributes the company’s success to the employees. “They all do an exceptional job. They are schedule oriented and have always performed and met requirements.” The company has a strong basis in teamwork. “Everybody helps everybody,” Mr. Grinnell proclaimed, and he feels this is a significant strength among the employees. Technical illustrator Ed Held agrees. “Everyone works together, which is key,” he said. “A team who works together succeeds together.”

The ILS-INC team is not only successful but also proud of the company’s accomplishments, and employees are quick to boast about their work. “The Buffalo was in a movie,” Held exclaimed. “It’s even a toy now. That’s cool. I actually sat in that thing when someone was driving it and got to see it built from the ground up.” Similarly, operations manager Jason Coon said some of his most memorable experiences with the company were “being able to work with unmanned vehicles in the field and seeing how they can be utilized.”

This enthusiasm combined with ILS-INC’s past success is indicative of its future potential. Mr. Coons’ goals for the company are to “continue growing, maintain our current customer base, expand our customer base, and look for new areas to grow the company into, whether it is Research and Development (R&D), refurbishment, or Contractor Logistics Support (CLS).” Mr. Grinnell simply hopes to keep his original goals for the company thriving, to “continue to provide a good working atmosphere for employees and stability of employment” while delivering the high level of service our customers have come to expect.